Trekking around the Nepal Himalaya
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Trekking around the Nepal Himalaya

MapHouseBooks Guide BookTrekking around the Nepal Himalaya

Trekking around the Nepal Himalaya

Title: Trekking around the Nepal Himalaya


Author: Bob Gibbons and Siân Pritchard-Jones

ISBN:- 978-9937-649-10-0

pages:- 376

Edition: 2015

Language: English

Bound: Soft Cover

Himalayan Travel Guides; travel guidebook series by Himalayan Map House


Short introduction

For centuries the inspirational spires of the Himalaya have been a magical draw for mystics, sages, hermits and pilgrims. Today the fascination with these highest mountains continues for trekkers, climbers, naturalists, explorers and the curious, all seeking a new experience. Secretive and serene, the Nepal Himalaya are a fairytale wonderland of picturesque villages, tremendous terraced hillsides, precipitous canyons, forest-filled valleys, pristine nature, quaint Buddhist monasteries and colourful Hindu temples. The hardy, vibrant people could not be more charming as hosts, guides, porters, yak herders and fellow travellers on the myriad of trails. The Nepal Himalaya hide untold treasures. Their sacred, soaring sentinels promise an adventure without equal. This new comprehensive, indispensable guide to the Nepal Himalaya covers the popular as well as the less well-known trekking trails of Nepal.

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How much is the price?

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How do I go about purchasing this book/

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How much? and could I view the sample


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